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  • Population Health Management Winter school - Governance

    PHM requests new forms of governance between professionals and between organisations, as well as in the regulatory mechanisms. Often networks are the next organisational form that is shown in health care. These networks form their own new forms of governance. Latest insights in the organisational and financial arrangements between professionals, organisations, payers and policy makers are taught and discussed. International examples of the application of principles of PHM with focus on the cooperation modalities will illustrate the ways of implementing these new forms of health care organisations. The evaluation methodology of these new forms of governance is not straightforward. With the students the various possibilities of assessing the effects of the new forms of governance in terms of added value for the population. Students are challenged to realise their own governance infrastructure and evaluation design for their own identified population. Combination of learning and applying new knowledge.

    The Population Health Management, Governance (PHM-governance) course aims at:

    • Professionals who are able to work together in enhancing the health care system and advocating health care solutions in the broadest sense.
    • Professionals who want to take responsibilities and organize an integrated approach to improve health in defined risk populations.
    • Organizations that support the transformation into integrated health systems.

    Target groups

    The partners of the LUMC- Campus The Hague offer the first winter course in PHM governance, organized in cooperation with the Campus The Hague Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) for health care professionals (-trainees) and master students that:

    • are or want to become change agents to organize a more integrated health care system
    • have an open attitude towards a new paradigm for health care.

    place Den Haag
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    euro_symbol € 1,250.00
    access_time 09:00 - 18:00


    Datum & locatie

    Datum Tijd Locatie
    16-12-2019 t/m 20-12-2019 09:00 - 18:00 Den Haag


    Theoretical lectures and methodology will be complemented with practical work through the Population and Governance Lab with and within the population and organizations in The Hague area. This winter course is an in-depth addition to the knowledge acquired during the PHM Summercourse, but is also very valuable for those who are new to the subject PHM. It is open to Summercourse students as well as to new applicants.

    Massive Open Online Course

    New part of this Governance course is the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Population Health Management. This online course starts every six weeks on Coursera. We ask you to attent the MOOC as preparation for the on campus course Governance. 



    At the end of the course participants should be able to:

    - Explain and compare basic models of health care structures and models of care and identifying their differences/similarities and strengths/weaknesses in international contexts.

    - Independently generate and summarize knowledge about the governance of population health, based on existing research, reports, and empirical data.

    - Independently analyze problems of inter-organizational collaboration related to specific health risk groups by applying a stakeholder analysis and using social network analytical methods.

    - Provide written and verbal policy recommendations based on the analysis, and make decisions from the daily management perspective of an institution for the care or cure of specific health risk groups.



    business Boerhaave Nascholing
    place Hippocratespad 21 2333 ZD LEIDEN

    Boerhaave Nascholing is er voor medisch- en zorgprofessionals die altijd doorgaan met leren. Als onderdeel van het Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) bieden wij kwalitatieve en geaccrediteerde nascholing aan. De leerstof uit onze cursussen kunt u als huisarts of medisch specialist direct in de praktijk toepassen.